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Car Sales & Maintenance: All cars for sale at Everdawn Transport Services Limited have no-haggle pricing, which makes it easy to compare national car sales online and find our best used car deals at showroom near you. Our used car lots offer a low-pressure car buying experience to help you find reliable used cars for sale. Everdawn auto dealerships offer a wide variety of used vehicles and cars for sale to fit your budget. Visit our nearby car dealers shop to search for the best selling used cars.

We also do regular repairs and maintenance shop that will help you to fix your cars at affordable rates.

Fleet Management: We support a wide range of GPS tracking devices from many manufacturers. Let Everdawn Transport Service Limited manages your fleet on its platform and takes advantage of our know-how, constant development and professional support.

Automobile Risk Management:   Everdawn Transport Service Limited believes if you love your vehicles, the makes, models and colours we can help in protecting them by assisting you to enhance the placement of adequate insurance covers with a reputable insurance underwriter.

Drivers Recruitment, Training  &  Retraining; In Everdawn we don’t call them drivers but Mobile Vehicle Officers (MVO) because of the quality of training we give them. Aside all the driving techniques and the road signs, all our MVOs go through intensive Automobile Technician Training and also a Basic Relationship Management course to improve their relationship with our clients. We outsource MVOs for corporate organizations and individuals.

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