23 June 2015, Comments Comments Off on RevoMAS

Our mission here is simply to help our clients move their businesses to the next level of development.

We believe that businesses — like people — are most likely to succeed when they are well rounded. Idea, team, marketing approach, funding strategy, and business infrastructure are all ingredients of a successful venture and like people, even the best-rounded businesses can benefit from strengthening some of their capabilities and resources.

We also believe that the definition of well-rounded is a function of a venture’s maturity.What was most important yesterday may no longer be a priority. And what will be most important tomorrow may be a distraction today.The ability to focus resources appropriately—and to shift this focus at the right moment—is an important survival skill.

Finally, we believe in close and extended collaboration with founders and the ventures they build. In a small team with ambitious goals, it is important that each individual understand the abilities and level of commitment of the others. We work hard to become members of the teams we work with, and to align our interests with theirs whenever possible especially in the area of marketing and business Development.

These beliefs are reflected in our approach to serving clients.We work with you to understand what is needed to become and remain well- rounded, and we form practical, action-oriented plans to address marketing and business development needs. Whether your next challenge is launching your products, or achieving revenue growth, we have the experience and perspective to help.

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