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This is a group to support Business Start up, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Unemployed or anyone wanting to become an Entrepreneur and also provide platforms to improve the performances of salary earners especially the customer service staff, Relationship Managers and other Market facing staff through a monthly training which is suppose to cost anyone a lot for absolutely free. This group gives an opportunity to meet Like Minded People to interact, socialize and share Potential strategies, ideas with each other. We run monthly events which main mission is to provide a friendly environment, resources and inform, educate and give amazing information about innovation, business strategies and self-empowerment




  • RBC will run fusion adverts for members at a reduced rate on all Television and Radio Stations
  • Free or subsidized branding for members businesses
  • RBC will be totally controlled by the members democratically
  • Helps members to prepare detailed business plans and feasibility studies
  • Educates and inform members on investment opportunities
  • Provides highly comprehensive vocational trainings to upskill members who wish to venture into a new business
  • Invest and give grant to members from time to time
  • Do business networking for members
  • Help the members to market their products & services
  • Members will enjoy internal patronages
  • Every member is free to attend the RBC Business Clinic
  • Free business ideas for members who wish to switch business from the RBC Micro Idea Bank
  • Teaming up of members to form a bigger syndicate company
  • RBC organizes Seminar and Conferences for the benefit of members
  • Regular training of members on Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Management
  • Enlightening members on business ethics and codes
  • Free consultation from top consultants
  • We interface for members in Government related issues
  • RBC solicits for members in obtaining required approvals and documents like the business registration with CAC, trademark registration of product names, registrations and approval from NAFDAC, SON and Customs
  • Provide referral letters to members for Business Visa Procurements
  • Gives guaranty to members where needed
  • Assist members in obtaining audited accounts report from qualified professionals at subsidized cost
  • RBC will promote importable businesses to international corridors
  • Ensure foreign trainings for at least five members annually
  • ENJOY subsidized external trainings

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