RMCL Introduces Revotech Academy For Secondary School Students

21 August 2016
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21 August 2016, Comments 0

Nigeria’s leading entrepreneurship platform, Revopreneur, in the cause to inculcating the mentality of self-sustenance in the hearts of Nigerian teenagers, is set to take its vocational training to the foundational age grade with Revotech Academy


The essence of this training school, according to the convener, Mr. Wale Deinde, is to equip young minds with vocational skills while attending their conventional day-to-day academic pursuits.

He said;

Revotech Academy intends to serve many purposes. For some, they offer opportunities to further their careers and earning power. For others, they offer careers in hands-on fields which don’t’ require traditional four-year academic training.

For still others, they offer a way to enrich the high school experience, prepare for college and earn college credits – all at the same time!

In the event that a parent cannot afford to sponsor his/her child beyond secondary school, the child having been equipped with vocational skill can establish himself with the vocation and fend for himself and by extension, save enough to further his education beyond secondary school.

The program shall kick off in partnership with Hiltech Global services, a Turkish-Chinese affiliated company,  and Lagos State Government to offer a 3-month SABI-ticate(certificate) in Petroleum Downstream Technology Engineering.

If you’re interested in being part of Revotech Academy, follow Revopreneurs on theFacebook page and join the group.

You shall have the luxury to choose from a wide range of courses from can be found in the Academy.  The classes are typically much more in-depth and hands-on than those found in high schools.

We shall be focusing on Petroleum Technology with the following outlines;

Mechanical Engineering

Installation of Fuel dispensing pumps



General Repairs of Pump,

Electrical Installations,

Basic Engineering drawings

Flowmetry (Dispensing Dimension)


Health Safety and Environment,

Basic marketing communication principles

Pump Island Construction

General Business Practices

Basic marketing and communication principles

Basic Entrepreneurial development

Students can also offer  Power Generation Technology with following options

Identification of power

Different kind of power generations

Constructions system of Generators

Transmission mode

Voltage Calibration

Troubleshooting of faults in generating sets

A-Z repairs of generators



Basic Engineering Drawings

Health Safety & Environment

General Business Practices

Basic Marketing & Communications Principles

Basic Entrepreneurial Development

We shall commence the first phase specifically for outgoing secondary school students. The fees have been considerably negotiated by RCML and the first 200 students to register for the training shall be paying N15,000.00 for the three-month intensive training.

What differentiates Revotech academy training from another entrepreneurial outfit is the fact that it ensures that every participant shall be duly engaged with organizations who needs their services.

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