The Information Technology Department at Georgian College provides the following services:

Log in to your Georgian College accounts

Banner login

log into Quest password manager

Turnitin, plagiarism prevention

My Georgian

Blackboard is the College’s course management system. You can access Blackboard through a web browser both on and off campus. Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher) is preferred, but other browsers such as google chrome and mozilla firefox also work. Go to the Blackboard Login. Your username and password use same login information as your student e-mail account and computer access at the college.

If you do not have this information and you strictly use Blackboard, the original username and password is your student number and your birth date in the YYMMDD format. You MUST register with the Quest Password Manager. For more information or instructions on how to reset your password, please see the sections “Quest Profile Instructions”.

A computer account is created for all full and part-time students. You must login to this account anytime you use a college computer.

The first time you log into the computer you will be asked to register with the Quest Password Manager to create your Question and Answer Profile and to change your password.

YOU MUST DO THIS! Please note that you only have to create this profile once, unless you forgot your security question and/or answer. In that case, you have to get a “PassCode” from the Information Technology Service Desk (extension 1732 or via e-mail: ITSupport@GeorgianCollege.ca). You may also contact the staff at the Service Desk in the Library Commons (extension 1677).

Your new password should be at least 6 characters long. Your password must be different than any that you have used previously. You also MUST create My Questions and Answers Profile. This profile will allow you to change your password whenever required, 24/7.

  • Link to Quest Password Manager password.georgianc.on.ca
  • For more information or instructions on how to reset your password, please see the sections Username and Passwords and Computer Accounts above.

Please follow the link below to the Quest Password Manager. The following instructions are to guide you through the process of creating a Question and Answer Profile.

Quest Password Manager Login Screen

quest password manager


Enter your password


Question and Answer profileQuestion and Answer profile

answer should have at least 6 characters and that the question cannot contain the same word as the answer. For example: Q: What colour is my orange car A: orange

Please note that you only have to create this profile once, unless you forget your security question or answer. In that case, you have to get a ‘Passcode’ from the Information Technology Service Desk (ext 1732 – or e-mail itsupport@georgianc.on.ca or from the Service Desk in the Library Commons (ext 1677).



Please note the change in options that are presented to you now:


manage passwords

After entering your default password you are able to create a new password:

The next window will show you a message stating that you have successfully changed your password! If you do not receive such a message, please check if your password meets the mentioned security standards.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When you change this password, it will change your student e-mail password, your network access, and your Blackboard password at the same time so that all passwords are the same. It will NOT change your Banner PIN.

Outlook is the college’s student email system. You can access Outlook through a web browser both on and off campus. Microsoft Internet Explorer (ver 4.0 or higher) is preferred, but other browsers such as google chrome and mozilla firefox also work. Set your browser to the location Student Services and click the student e-mail link.

Within the college, access to the student e-mail will be through your web browser by typing the word ‘MyMail’ (without the quotes) in the address bar. Outlook Web Access (OWA) can also be accessed from any computer, anywhere, by typing https://mymail.georgianc.on.ca.

The e-mail account will be student_number@student.georgianc.on.ca. i.e. 012345678@student.georgianc.on.ca. The password will be the same as your Computer Network Account and your Blackboard account.

For more information on how to reset your password, please see the sections “Quest Profile Instructions”.

If you change your e-mail password, it will change your computer network account, and your BlackBoard password at the same time so that ALL passwords are the same. It will NOT change your Banner PIN.

Your username for your Computer Network Account is your student number. The initial password is your 6-digit birth date in this order (YYMMDD). For example, the complete login username and password for student John O’Leary with student number 012345678 (9 digits) and birthdate of March 18, 1984 will be:

Username: 012345678

Password: 840318

What is Turnitin?

It is software that identifies text in your assignment that is similar to other Internet sources. Turnitin is used by some faculty to help maintain academic integrity in their courses.

How do students use Turnitin?

There are two submission methods for Turnitin assignments. Ask your instructor how they want you to submit your assignment.

Option 1: Submit via Blackboard

Login to Blackboard, go into the specific course, and follow directions provided by your instructor.

Option 2: Submit directly through Turnitin

Go to www.turnitin.com and follow the Turnitin.com directions.

Information Technology (IT) Service Desk (all campuses)

Information Technology Department of Georgian College is located in the Administrative (C) Building on the 3rd floor (Room C-301)

Passwords, PINs, IT-related questions/problems

Monday to Friday

8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

E-mail: ITSupport@GeorgianCollege.ca

Phone: 705.728.1968 ext 1732

Laptop Rentals, Video Editing, Multi-media support

Please visit the Media Services page for detailed information!

E-mail: Media@GeorgianCollege.ca

Phone: 705.728.1968 ext 5140

Library Commons Information Desk

Hours vary – please see the Library Commons web site for their Hours of Operation

Password changes for network access, e-mail account, Banner* and BlackBoard accounts can be administered by staff at the Library Commons Information Desk.

* Client Services and the Library Commons can only change Banner PIN’s. All other problems or requests for Banner information has to be directed to the Office of the Registrar (i.e. if PIN has been reset and student is still unable to access her/his Banner account). Please call the Office of the Registrar at 705.728.1968 ext 1698, or email registrar@georgiancollege.ca.


  • Equipment and expertise to make presentations sparkle
  • Audio-visual equipment including digital voice recorders, digital cameras and camcorders are available for your assignments
  • Laptops and multi-media projectors are available on loan for classroom presentations
  • Multimedia production facilities to create a digital gem
  • Skilled friendly staff available to offer assistance
  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital SLRs
  • Digital video camcorders
  • Digital voice recorders
  • Document cameras
  • Flip charts
  • iPad 2s
  • iPod Touches
  • IP Polycoms
  • Laptop computers
  • LCD TVs
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Portable PAs
  • Portable screens
  • Portable speakers
  • PowerPoint advance remotes
  • Turning Point Technology clickers

Barrie Campus Equipment Requests

The following information is for the Barrie Campus Media Services only. For the Orillia and Owen Sound Campus, please contact the Media Services at those campuses.

Student Requests

Equipment is provided for Georgian College classroom presentations and Georgian College assignments ONLY.

Students MUST present their valid Georgian College student card.

Loan period is variable.

Late fine for laptop and multimedia projectors is $50.00 per item, per day.

Late fine for other items are $15.00 per item, per day.

Students are encouraged to book at least 2 days in advance.

Barrie Campus

phone: 705.728.1968 ext 5140
fax: 705.722.1584
e-mail: media@georgiancollege.ca

Jan to Dec

  • Monday to Friday – 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Owen Sound Campus

phone 705.728.1968 ext 2010
  • Monday to Thursday – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday – 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Orillia Campus

phone: 705.728.1968 ext 3055

Sept to April

  • Monday to Thursday – 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Friiday – 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday – 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

May to Aug

  • Monday to Friday – 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Welcome to the Georgian College Blackboard Support page. Here you will find a collection of useful resources that will guide you through performing common tasks within the Blackboard Learning Management System. If you are new to Blackboard and want to learn how to get started , please visit the Tipsheets link below or read our FAQ tabs.

Students can contact IT Support for login issues at 705.728.1968 ext.1732 or itsupport@georgianc.on.ca

For support regarding content, test errors, or Blackboard use, please contact your instructor.

Student Blackboard FAQs

To login to Blackboard, use your 9-digit student number as your username and use your current network/email password. If you have not changed your password before, try your birth date (YYMMDD) as your password. If you continue to have login problems, please contact IT Support at ext. 1732 or at itsupport@georgianc.on.ca

Courses will remain in your account for 3 weeks after the semester has finished. Once your grade has been entered into Banner, your enrolment to the course will be disabled and you will no longer see the course.

All courses are created on Blackboard in an “unavailable to students” status. Once your instructor has finished setting up the course, they will change the status to “available” and you will be able to click on the link and gain access. To find out when a course will become available, please contact your instructor.

Blackboard information for faculty members can be found on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.

Before you start working on a college computer it is important for you to know

NOTE: Please, restart the computer to make it available for the next student’s use!

Please remember that all unsaved work WILL BE DELETED and is not recoverable upon Restart/Log Out/Shutdown!

This warning applies to Mac computers as well!

Student Orientation Presentation (PowerPoint)

General Computer FAQs

This function is not supported nor encouraged. It is college policy to use your student e-mail account for academic use.

Please follow these steps to save your files to a flash drive/memory stick:

  1. highlight your file(s) and right click on the highlighted file(s) & choose “” from the menu
  2. navigate to the drive letter representing your flash drive/memory stick
  3. please right click again and choose “” from the menu
  4. please ensure you disconnect your flash drive/memory stick properly from the computer

Please note that you should only use your flash drive/memory stick as your back-up and to transfer files. Please do not rely on this technology as your only resource/copy of your files as loss and corruption of files can occur! Use your student e-mail account to transfer files and save your assignments on your personal network space at the college – your G: drive.

Please follow these steps to save your files to a CD

  1. highlight your file(s) and right click on the highlighted file(s)
  2. choose “” from the menu
  3. navigate to the drive letter representing you the CD drive & right click again and choose “” from the menu
  4. double click on the CD drive and it will show your file as a temporary file with a down-arrow on it
  5. in the pane on the left side a menu option, “” will appear. Please click on this option to start the ““.

All new students receive 500 free print credits at semester start up and all students receive additional 100 free credits every semester.

Students receive a student number and login to Banner upon receipt of the application. If you are unable to log into Banner, please contact the IT Service Desk via e-mail to ITSupport@GeorgianCollege.ca or call 705-728-1968 extension 1732.

The IT Department is unable to assist with any registration questions once you have logged into Banner.

The registration process and the creation of your student account(s) are automated. The IT Department is unable to assist with any registration questions. The process of creating your student account(s) will take approximately 48 hours AFTER the completion of your registration.

We will be glad to assist in any way we can once this process is complete!

For ANY registration related questions i.e. payments etc. , please contact the Office of the Registrar!

Via e-mail at registrar@georgiancollege.ca or please call 705-722-1511

Please note that the Information Technology Department cannot support any personal computers, or mobile devices.

We may be able to suggest general tips and guidelines to you but are unable to touch personal devices as we are not insured to do so.

The Georgian College Computer Store – Bits & Bytes would be glad to assist. Please click here to access their web page and more details of their services.

Yes, you can. Your student login account is universal throughout the college.

You have been assigned 200 MB of storage space on the G: Drive. This is a secure storage area on the Network and is accessible only by you. We suggest you use the space to save your assignments. When you no longer need your assignments please delete them to free up space. We suggest saving the latest version of your files on the G: drive, and a backup of your files on a Flash drive or Memory Stick, or burn to a CD ROM.

Transfer files from home to the college or college to home by e-mail as an attachment to avoid corruption on Memory Sticks.

The college uses Microsoft Office Suite 2010 exclusively. If you use another product elsewhere, convert the file(s) to a Microsoft Office format or save your document as a ‘rtf’ (rich text format) file before you bring your CD or Memory Stick to the college to open or print the file(s).

  • Barrie Campus – Library Commons Customer Service Desk (by the main entrance of library)
  • Orillia Campus – Typing & Printing Services (Library Commons – evenings & weekends)
  • Owen Sound Campus – Library Commons


There is no access to G: drive on Macs. File(s) should be saved to a USB flash drive/memory stick.

Current Mac OS: 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

Some of the applications you can find in each folder:

Accessibility Tools: Read & Write Gold, Wacom tablet tools

General Apps: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, Adobe Reader, Text Editing Applications

Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Quark, Google Sketchup

Internet Tools: FTP Applications, Various web browsers

Multimedia: Epson scanner software, iLife Applications

Developer Tools: Android and iPhone developer tools

Utilities: Digital Colour Neter, Archive Applications, Terminal Application

Virtual Machines: Application testing virtual environments

Student Application FAQs

All full-time students are able to download the Microsoft Office Suite for their academic use.

To access the download page, please click here:

Please note that you can only download the MS Office Suite during a full-time academic semester – NOT during your coop semester, for example!

For download questions/instructions please contact the SAC office.

Please follow these easy steps to access Turnitin through your BlackBoard account

To submit an assignment to Turnitin in Blackboard (Bb):

1. Login to Bb and select your course

2. Click the Assignments link

3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment

4. You will see the details of the Turnitin assignment. Click on the Submit button

5. Choose single file upload

6. Fill out the details necessary to submit your paper

7. Browse to upload your file

8. Click Upload

9. Preview the paper. If this is the correct paper, click Submit

10. Wait for results (results appear in as little as 2 minutes or as long as 24 hours)


To view results:

1. Login to Bb and select your course.

2. Click on the Assignments link

3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment

a. If the results are ready, a coloured box and percentage will show in the Similarity column; click on the coloured box to view the report. NOTE: Your instructor may allow resubmissions. After submitting once, wait for the coloured box to appear rather than resubmitting the paper. Resubmitting the paper before receiving results may cause extensive delays.

4. Click on the coloured box to view your results. If necessary, you may print the report for your course instructor by clicking on the Print/Download icon near the bottom left corner of the Originality Report (you may need to enable pop-ups in your browser).


To resubmit your paper (your professor must allow resubmissions):

1. Login to Bb and select your course

2. Click on the Assignments link

3. Click on the View/Complete link under the name of the assignment

4. Click on Resubmit (the ability to resubmit will disappear after the due date of the assignment)

a. To view resubmission results, follow the To View instructions above


For more information, please contact the Turnitin administrator at vanessa.doering@georgiancollege.ca or call Vanessa at 705-728-1968 extension 1864.

Please empty your trash! As long as your trash has not been emptied, you have only moved your files into a different folder but have not truly “deleted” everything.

E-mail attachments such as pictures & video clips will contribute to reaching your limits sooner.

You will receive your 1st e-mail message when 85% of capacity has been reached and 2nd e-mail after 95% capacity.

Please note that this will greatly inhibit your e-mail function!

The Banner student system holds your personal information such as your address and phone number, your grades etc. Due to the confidentiality of this information, Banner has a separate PIN that is not connected to your network, BlackBoard, and e-mail password.

If you have changed your network password, it has not impacted or changed your Banner PIN!

Please ensure that you have created the security profile for each system – your Banner PIN and your network access and that you do not reveal your PIN and password to anyone!

Every student enrolled in courses will automatically receive a BlackBoard account.

There may be some discrepencies during the “add/drop” period. This may create some temporary confusion. If you don’t see the appropriate course, please allow 3 to 5 days for the system to update itself.

Any questions should be directed to your professor/instructor.

Wireless & Mobile Devices

Georgian College’s wireless network is available to all students and guests. It is available at all campuses and all buildings.

However we do NOT guarantee uninterrupted service and will do our best to reinstate connection issues.

Note: you will be unable to access any network resources while connected to the wireless network; for example: G: drive

Please use the following information to configure your personal device:


Your e-mail address: student#@student.georgianc.on.ca

Domain: student

Server: outlook.office365.com

Username: student#@student.georgianc.on.ca

Password: college login password


Note: ensure to use SSL (on by default)

Launch “Settings” from the home screenExchange-ActiveSync-logo

Select “Accounts” and “Add Account”

Tap on the “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen

Select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” as shown below


Add your student information as shown below:



Please go to the following URL: https://webprint.georgianc.on.ca

This allows students to print from their personal devices to the printers in the library. Login, using your student credentials is required.

Limited to 10mb file size at this present time for print jobs.

Please click on the “Help” menu for colour printing and follow the steps indicated.


Staff Blackboard FAQs

At the beginning of a semester all course shells are created with a default status of unavailable. This allows faculty to develop and organize course content before giving access to their students. When ready, all faculty must set their course status to available so that students are able to access it. Instructions on setting the course availability can be found in the Tip Sheets section of the Blackboard login page (http://gc.blackboard.com).

Courses and faculty assignments will appear automatically within Blackboard, usually within 12 hours after the faculty member has been assigned to the course within Banner. Faculty assignments within Banner must be made by your Academic Officer. If you do not see your courses within Blackboard, please contact your Academic Officer or program area to ensure that you have been assigned to the course within Banner.

The process works exactly the same for new faculty. Once they are assigned to a course in the Banner system, they will be given a Blackboard shell for each course assignment. However, new faculty hires must first be set up with accounts in the human resource and IT systems before they can be granted access to Blackboard. Unfortunately this may represent an unavoidable delay in getting some new faculty hires into Blackboard. It is essential that the Academic Officers contact HR to have the processing expedited to have the new instructor added to Banner and then communicate the faculty assignment to scheduling. Although there may be delays caused by this bottleneck, this is part of a larger process to integrate all systems at Georgian. A new HR system is scheduled to be implemented by Fall 2009 that will help to alleviate this bottleneck.

Students are enrolled automatically through the official Banner registration process. Faculty no longer have the ability to add/remove students manually from a course, and should not contact the Blackboard Administrator to have a student enrolled if they do not appear in Blackboard. If a student does not appear in Blackboard as expected, this likely means that the student has unpaid fees or a hold on their account. Please have the student contact the Registrar’s Office to identify and resolve the issue. If your students are auditing your course, they must be entered in Banner. Please have the students contact the Registrar’s Office to complete this request.

Blackboard account names and passwords are synchronized with your Georgian email account. This applies for all faculty, staff, and students. If you have trouble accessing Blackboard or have forgotten your password, please contact IT Support for assistance at ext. 1732 or itsupport@georgianc.on.ca.

Blackboard has a Course Merge Tool that will allow you to combine multiple sections of a course and keep your enrolments up-to-date even after the sections are merged. It is not necessary to reconcile your student lists with Banner as this will be maintained automatically. Instructions for the Course Merge Tool can be found in the Tip Sheets section on the Blackboard login page.

All courses will remain available for up to three weeks following the end of a semester. Students will be able to access course materials in the course and review their grades during this time. Once final grades are submitted to Banner, the course becomes inaccessible to both students and faculty. In the instance that a student has not received a final grade or has an incomplete status in Banner, both the faculty and the student will continue to have access to the course. This will allow students with an incomplete status to continue work on a course. As per College policy, 4 months after the end of term, incomplete are rolled to an F. This makes it the responsibility of the instructor to enter the valid grade before that point if the student completes their work. During this three week period is when faculty should be taking archives of their current courses for future use. Please see the tip sheet section on the Blackboard login page for assistance with archiving and importing content.

Set up and use Office 365

If you already have student email setup on your phone, you can simply change the server name to outlook.office365.com and ensure that the username is set to your full email address (ie. 123456789@student.georgianc.on.ca)

Log off any open sessions and close all open browser windows.

The following data is migrated: email, calendar, contacts, tasks.

The following settings are migrated: Signature, rules (including any Out of Office), junk email settings (safe and blocked senders).

Mailbox size limit is 50GB.

Message size limit 25MB.