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RMC Limited provides suitable Sales & Marketing (business development) and Customer Service employees – at the right time and in the right place. The said staff will be on RMC Limited’s pay roll.They will be sent on regular training by RMC Limited to enhance their performances and to give you the desired results.

If you have selected your employees but cannot place them under a regular working contract; then RMC Limited can assist you by taking over your employee under our payroll and manage all administrative issues of your staff.

Our temporary workers will work for you and on your behalf, but are employed by RMC Limited on the basis of regular contracts while benefitting from our recruiting competence.You can rely on our prompt service because we are where you need us.

With this RMC Limited service, you can directly employ staff already provided to you, thereby minimising the risk of being provided with unsuitable staff and enabling you to benefit from the prolonged probationary period and the prompt filling of vacancies.

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